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Individual Therapy

Your daily life is a window into your unique story, illuminated moment by moment, frame by frame, interaction by interaction. For most of us there are parts of our story that eclipse our most alive selves. We may feel a need for breathing room; some space to adjust ourselves to what’s most alive in us. My work with you will include a valuing of your particular uniqueness, a focus on your family of origin, your current relationships and the patterns of behaving and relating you tend toward. This work will include retrieving what may have been misplaced or lost, yet necessary to your aliveness and satisfying connections with those special others in your life.

Couples Therapy

Couple relationships are unconsciously patterned after our early family relationships and attachments. Communication is an important aspect of any relationship and is complicated by the tug of a common human fear that we may be overwhelmed or left alone by our partner. My work with you may include looking at early attachment relationships, multigenerational family dynamics and how these dynamics along with current circumstances and issues are affecting each of you, and therefore the connection you share. Each individual will be held with positive regard and attention as you engage in your work of joining in more satisfying ways as a couple. We will work together on improving your ways of communicating, resolving conflict, and staying connected while creating a relationship that includes room for each of you to work toward the life goals you most hope for.

Children, Teen Girls and Families

The dependency needs of children and teens make them most vulnerable to shifts and changes in family connections and dynamics. When problems arise in a child’s behavior or demeanor, it can often be the result of unseen dynamics in family and community life, including marital conflict, financial difficulties or divorce; issues at school or work; even a chronic illness or addiction. We all can get out of tune with one another and feel we’ve lost something essential. My work is to provide an environment where your child has room to “breathe” and feel him or her self again, to find ways of looking at problems without sacrificing self-esteem. I will use play, art and sandplay therapies with your child and collaborate with parents to help bring awareness to the dynamics impacting your family and your child so that beneficial changes capitalizing on strengths may be set in motion.


Following are some concerns I work to mediate with people I see in therapy. Please inquire about your concerns and how my ways of working might be useful to you.
  • Relationship challenges
    difficult life transitions, i.e. - divorce, a move, new school or job
    unresolved arguments over parenting, intimacy, illness or addiction
    troubling or disturbing interactions
    difficulties with friends, classmates or coworkers
    difficulties in school

  • Depression
    overall feelings of “unhappy”, “irritated”, “lonely”, “out of place”
    an unshakable wish to “not be here” or self-injure
    withdrawing from important connections and activities
    ungrieved losses, including trauma
    injured self-esteem

  • Anxiety
    persistent worry, fear or panic
    headaches, stomach upset, body aches, sleep disturbances

  • Developmental Trauma

  • Interruptions in Attachment Relationships

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