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Family Systems Therapy

As members of the human family, we are all remarkably vulnerable to emotional injury and life experiences that unbalance us. Living alongside this vulnerability are unrealized strengths and unconsulted wisdom that oft times remain just beyond our present awareness, unknown and untapped. Such resources can show up for us as a feeling that there’s “something missing”. Unfortunately our modern culture can drown out the stillness required to hear from such intuitions and from one another. It is my view that human beings all hunger for healthy nurturance for the unique self that may be lying dormant within and between us, waiting to be awakened by conscious attention. Finding ways to access such inner resources becomes the first step for each individual in the larger human family. A connection with one’s core self is essential in creating and maintaining healthy connections with the significant others in our lives.

Dream Work

There are certain events in our lives of which we have not taken conscious note yet call for conscious attention, so they may appear in a dream. The dream “shows the inner truth and reality of the dreamer as it really is; not as I conjecture it to be, and not as the dreamer would like it to be, but as it is (C.G. Jung, Dreams).”

By engaging in a process of considering and reflecting on our dreams we may discover ourselves, more fully and more vitally in our natural state, with gifts to be found and lessons to be learned. What we miss consciously can act autonomously either “for” or “against” us. When moving toward the yet to be experienced or yet to be mastered in life, we might discover unknown personal resources by considering our dreams and the ‘not yet known’ revealed in them.

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay therapy is a creative, nonverbal form of therapy that takes into account the limits of language. Beneficial for adults as well as children, it provides an alternate means of expressing what may seem inexpressible.
As one surrenders to the work of play, choosing figures and placing them in a tray filled with sand, anxieties are quieted and sleeping energy awakens. Dilemmas begin to play themselves out in a three dimensional field and the sandplayer is enabled to see him or her self in dynamic relationship to an issue at hand. Play in this way provides room to move into relationship with the lesser known aspects of oneself that may be brought to bear in resolving issues of most concern.

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